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Material Type:
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Mold Temperature (°C):
Melt Temperature (°C):
Wall Thickness: mm   in
Cool Time (sec):

Tool Closing Time (sec):  Amount of time for the mold to open and close
Total Injection Time (sec):  Amount of time for Injection Fill and Injection Pack
Ejection Time (sec):  Amount of time for the mold to eject part
Part Removal Time (sec):  Amount of time for part removal manually by operator
or automatically by robot
Pause Time (sec):  Amount of time needed to ensure that parts and runner
have dropped out of mold
Insertion Time (sec):  Amount of time to place insert into mold

Tool Closing Time (sec):
Injection Time (sec):
Ejection Time (sec):
Part Removal Time (sec):
Pause Time (sec):
Insertion Time (sec):
Total Cycle Time (sec):
Cycles per hour:
Using processing conditions input by the user, the estimator outputs a conservative number that represents the cycle time for a number of resin families. The calculation is based on standard theoretical thermodynamic equations, which take into effect the thermal diffusivity of the various materials in the drop down list above.

Because of the multiplicity of possible effects during the processing and use of our products, the information herein does not free the processor from carrying his own validation tests and experiments. Our calculation does not provide legally binding assurances of specific properties or of suitability for a particular application.

The cooling time calculation corresponds to the average temperature of the part (through the thickness) reaching the ejection temperature and not that the part is completely cooled below that temperature.

More information on estimating cooling times in injection moulding